Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beauty Of The Sinai Desert

I just came back from a few days in Sharm El Sheik on the southern tip of the Sinai desert in Egypt. It was just beautiful.  The majestic beauty of the desert mountains along with the most amazing beaches and coral reefs, which The Red Sea is known for, are just what is needed to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery. I always found the desert to be very inspiring especially the way the colors and shades change during the different times of the day. The quality of light in The Sinai is extraordinary, everything seems to sparkle as if your eyes are more focused.

These are a few pictures of the hotel, the desert and of an area called Ras Mohammad were we did snorkeling and diving. I cannot say enough about the color inspiration I had during the dive, the color combinations in the coral reef itself and on some fish is totally crazy and beautiful. I wish I had an underwater camera to take pictures.

Sharm2 Sharm3



Sharm6  Sharm8  Sharm10 

Sharm11 Sharm9


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Wow looks amazing. The contrast of the deep blue sea with the desert is magnificent!

Maria Killam said...

Looks so fabulous, thanks for sharing it with us!!

DesignTies said...

I'd never associate beautiful blue water with the desert!! Looks like a fascinating place -- next time you go, bring a disposable underwater camera!! :-)


The Zhush said...

Gorgeous photos! The blue is so intense...would love to visit one day.

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